5 Hamilton Firsts

I just bought this amazing book called the Hamilton Book of Everything by Kim Arnott, Marvin Ross and Cheryl MacDonald. Its a fantastic book with loads of great information about Hamilton.

On page 36 there is a section of 5 Hamilton firsts which to me speaks to the sense of imagination and innovation that has always existed here in Hamilton. Here they are:

1. The first telephone exchange in the British Commonwealth happened  in Hamilton in 1878

2. The first matches in the country were made by the Green family in the early 1830s.

3. Lifesavers (candies) were invented by the Beechnut Company of Hamilton in 1933.

4. Westinghouse in Hamilton was the first company in Canada to manufacture radios (1923) and electric air cleaners (1944).

5. Hamiltonians Solomon Robinson, John Robinson and John Lewison produced the first ice cream cones in Canada at their King Street plant in 1908.

Who knew?


Its a great book and available around town or online at http://www.bookofeverything.com/book_of_everything/hamilton_book_of_everything.html