5th Place- Its a TIE!

There are a few ties in our countdown and the 5th place spot is no exception. We have TWO very different hot spots to start off our countdown. They both serve food, but that’s where their similaries end!


Those who love Sapporos love it a lot. Students love this place because its delicious, affordable and easy to get to. Located at 96 Main Street East– Sapporos is just a quick bus ride from campus. The all you can eat sushi buffet offers a lot of variety and is a go-to destination for sushi lovers and first-timers alike. Its popular for small to medium size groups and  there is more on the menu than just sushi- sure to appeal to any appetite!



You don’t have to walk very far to discover a store dedicated entirely and completely to cupcakes! Just a stones throw away in Westdale (1050 King St West) the cupcakes are delicious, whimsical and not too expensive! After a stressful day of working or studying, why not swing by and treat yourself to one of their unique creations. Favourites include classics like chocolate and vanilla, but for a good time try out more unique treats like the Cherry Bomb or the Peanut Butter Cup. At $2.50 a pop, the price is right and a half-dozen is a perfect birthday present or hostess gift.

You can find them online at http://www.westdalecupcakes.com/.


So Sapporos and Cupcakes tied for 5th place in our McMaster Student Off Campus Destinatoin countdown. What will come in 4th? I can tell you- its another tie!