2 Cali rolls and a Pizza Place

4th place takes another tie on the Off-Campus Destination Countdown.  Mac students seem to love their sushi and their pizza.  Leave it to students to know their good eats!


Another great sushi joint in the city.  Located at 127 King Street East, Sapporos is a downtown hot spot for sushi lovers in hammer. All you can eat buffets and a large variety of food choices makes it a must try.  Try Sushi Star out for a delicious meal!


Pizza – a staple in the North American student diet.  BPs is always a reliable place for a good dinner with a group of friends.  Located at on Main Street near campus, Boston Pizza is a favourite of McMaster Students.  This place is always boppin’, especially on Tuesday Kareoke Night or on any hockey night of the year!

Stay tuned for the Top Three destinations on our countown!