Hamilton Mountain Trail

Looking for a different place to jog or run? Or a place to go on a date? Then come up the escarpment and check out Hamilton from a different point of view. The downtown area is a pretty busy place, but just as exciting is the view from Concession and Upper Wentworth.

The escarpment trail runs along Concession and goes all the way to Upper Ottawa. It’s a great trail for walking or bike riding and other fun activities. Take any bus from campus that is going east (downtown) and get off at Gore Park (around MacNab St.). Then catch a bus that is along James Street, going south up the Wentworth access or the “Jolly Cut”.

Or, if you’ve got lots of energy, why not take the stairs?  That’s right – you can catch a BIG set of stairs that take you right to the top of the escarpment.  You can find a set at the end of Beddoe Dr. (near Chedoke Golf Course), Dundurn St. S., James St. S. or Wentworth St. S.

Hint:  You  might want to bring your camera to take photos of the fantastic views!

From your friends at the OCE…..