The MythBusters – Hamilton edition!

Hi y’all,

We are proudly introducing a new feature as part of Pop the Bubble – MythBusters, Hamilton edition! It contains a series of myths that people generally have about Hamilton, and our two-cents to bring to life the true colours of Hamilton and the natural beauty of this city. In each week we will bring you a newly cracked myth. Along the way we will share our own experiences while exploring this city! So stay tuned, because we are talking some serious bubble-combustion!

Get ready.

Who are we?

The “Bubble-Poppers!” We are McMaster students and new members of the Pop the Bubble team. We work in an office with walls covered with maps of Hamilton and newspaper articles and flyers featuring fun things to do in Hamilton. Noticing how important it is to realize that we go to Mac not just for school, but also to adapt to the atmosphere of this city. Our goals and mission are coherent with those of Pop the Bubble, which is to spread the good word about what there is to do outside of our usual vicinities (our campus, Westdale, or Hess Village, etc). In order to do this, in addition to being students, we dedicate ourselves to first-hand experience in living in Hamilton. What we do is not merely our work, but also our lifestyle. So as we venture into new and exciting things, we are popping the bubble ourselves along the way!