“Sun is in the sky oh-why-oh-why would I want to be anywhere else?”

Are you in Hamilton this summer? Do you have a passion for the great outdoors?

Birds, trees, squirrels and bunnies! They are all found alongside the picturesque “Rail Trail” just behind the Fortinos on Main Street West.

Most students I encountered don’t know what to do around Hamilton in the summer. In fact, if we take some time to explore the area, there are a lot of cool things to see and do.

One weekend afternoon my housemate and I grabbed our bikes and decided to cruise around the city. We had no idea where we’re headed, then we found a beautiful nature’s path with a sign said “Rail Trail” that led us into a wild escape into the wilderness!

While we happily strolled along the gravel roads, we saw many people that were making the best of their workouts by running, hiking, cycling, and even horseback riding!

We found out why it was called the “Rail Trail” just after a short while. In front of our very eyes there was a train track leading to a historical-looking train. We learned later that this Rail Trail was built from the abandoned roadbed of Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo Railway established back in 1891! The railway was known as the fierce “To Hell and Back”. The trail is now 32 kilometers, and it links all the way from Hamilton to the neighbouring town Brantford. It is like…the trail that never ends!

Either you want a strenuous workout or just a nice walk – this is the place to be! Meanwhile, you can take a water break at the Dundas Valley Trail Centre, which is just next to the train tracks. It has bathrooms and a snack bar for your convenience. We also took advantage of the benches situated nicely overlooking the forest. So bring plenty of water, some snacks, and ride!

Rail Trail Sign

Want to know how to get there? You can get on Main Street West and turn left (South) at Ewen Road, which is just past Pizza Hut. Then you’ll see on your right hand side the sign that says “Rail Trail”. Enter it, and there you are!

Naturally, Hamilton!

– The Bubble Poppers