You just had to be there

We were in awe.

As I sat on the sandy shore situated in the center of Hamilton waterfront, I wondered why I hadn’t had a chance to discover such a beautiful, scenic getaway three years ago.

Hence goes the reminder of a pure tragedy – to not know anything about Hamilton throughout the three years of my undergrad at McMaster. I am much thankful that this is the beginning of my discovery!

My friend and I picked a good time to explore the waterfront. We went around sunset hour, near 9pm. As we walked briskly toward the inner parts of the waterfront, we were taken by the orange coloured sky and the gold-rimmed clouds. The entrance had a sculpture of a sail soaring into the vast and limitless sky above us.

The beautiful view tempted us to keep walking until we find what we call “the beach”. When we finally got to the place, we sat on the rocks to watch the sunset. There were a group of about thirty geese started walking up to us and waited for us to feed them. I noticed how the beach was unusually clean, unlike the beaches I’ve been to in more populated areas. It had absolutely no litter, and the water was quite clear as well. The pictures you’re seeing have captured what we saw that night. The sunset looked exactly like that!

The enchanting beauty of the place was ineffable – you just had to be there to experience it, to take it all in!

Address: Hamilton Waterfront, 47 Guise St E, Hamilton.

– The Bubble Poppers