Are you making an impact?

WE DID IT! We painted the entire walls of a huge room inside the John Howard Society in just the day! The room we painted was prepared for restorative justice programs under the new Youth Criminal Justice Act to provide rehabilitative programs for young offenders. We have indeed made an impact, indirectly, that is. The Director of John Howard Society told us that painting the room and making it look its best is a way of showing the kids that they deserve the best, and their needs should be met with the best attention.

We are rolling with the “Month of Impact” hosted by United Way of Burlington & Greater Hamilton. It’s a month full of great opportunities to volunteer. In each week, we go to a different agency to do a variety of volunteer work. This upcoming Tuesday, June 23rd, we will be heading to the Welcome Inn Community Centre of Hamilton to help with the end of year celebration for seniors. Come join us! Sign up here: