There’s nothing to do in Hamilton?!!?

Now that you’ve seen our Myth #3. We’ve got something to show you!

We had the pleasure to attend the Dundas International Buskerfest in the beginning of June. There was a variety of buskers from Australia, Iceland, Japan, Canada, US, and more! My favourite artist was Shibaten from Japan. He traveled all around the world and in each country he visited, he purchased a new instrument to add to his one-man band. Shibaten makes his own spiritual music and meditates while he plays them. He combines his love for music and nature to get the feel of zen through the atmosphere.

Other than performances, there were lots of delicious food and unique, exotic jewleries and clothing for sale. Overall, the Buskerfest was great way to experience many different cultures all in one place! Check out our pics to see what I mean.