Wherever life takes you

Yep. That’s the HSR slogan.

Most students, like us, initially believed that exploring Hamilton is very time consuming. Hence we didn’t bother to take some time off our day to do it, scared that it might just take all day out of our already crammed up schedule. On top of that, we were afraid to go somewhere we have not been in Hamilton, and thought those places that no one had been must be either deserted or deadly.

Our first trip to WalMart was quite an adventure. It started with a spontaneous decision on a Sunday morning to get away from having to studying for exams. So we left the house without checking a map, and only roughly knew that we were heading to Eastgate Square. We got off the bus in a place where we thought was the middle of nowhere, walked into a gas station to ask for directions and the store owner told us: “You’re gonna walk to Walmart? You’re dreaming!” We were shocked and scared. We remembered what everyone warned us about undiscovered lands of Hamilton – the ‘sketchy’ people and the ‘sketchy’ place. We wondered if he had hidden dead bodies inside the back of his truck on the driveway. Everything seemed pretty intense. But to our surprise, the man turned out to be very nice. He told us which bus to take and how long it would take for us to get to Walmart and wished us good luck. We walked out of the gas station alive and felt like such fools. Everything was created out of the figment of our imagination.

The trip did take us all day. But that’s because we were unprepared. Thus, some simple planning is essential for a smooth trip. We will show you how.

1. After you find the address of the place, put it in Google map. If you click on point A on the map you will see “Get directions” selections. Click on “To here”, put in your address and press “Go”.

2. On the right hand side you will see your options for traveling to your destination. If you click on “Public Transit”, it would tell you which bus you can take, the bus schedule, and how long it would take you to get there.

3. Get going!

Do you know how nice the bus drivers are? We’ve always had good experiences with getting help from them. You can always make sure with the bus driver that you are going the right way, or ask the bus driver to stop at your destination if you are unsure when to ring.

So there you go! Now you’ve got everything planned out, what are you waiting for?

The Bubble Poppers