“All art is quite useless.”

A art piece from previous James North Art Crawl

From James North Art Crawl

Frankly, we don’t agree with that statement. Because honestly, we love art. It’s amazing to see what effect it has on our emotions, our thoughts, and our perception of the world around us.

Last Friday was the first time we visited the James North Art Crawl. It takes place every 2nd Friday of the month. It was such an eye opener for someone who hasn’t learned much about Hamilton and its rich artistic culture. There were about twenty art galleries open by 7pm. It was great to see that this event gave Hamilton artists a golden opportunity to showcase their talents and mingle with other aspiring artists.

It was a completely different atmosphere than it usually was on James Street North. This event brought life and vitality to the streets. Every gallery was different, and each was a new adventure for the eyes and the mind. If you are an artist yourself, you would probably feel your creative juices flowing as you walk through these galleries. Thus it’s a great place to seek inspiration.

Aside from the art, the people were the other component that made the event (or Hamilton) special. The artists were warm and welcoming. They set out lots of candy, jelly beans, cookies, cake, cultural foods or wine and cheese to welcome everyone. So we were enjoying the art crawl with a happy belly.

My favourite piece was a sketchbook by a Torontonian who escaped to Hamilton whenever he wanted to go on a journey, and he sketched everything happening around him every time he visited Hamilton throughout the twenty years of his life. The sketchbook is full of history and the culture of Hamilton. It can only be found during James North Art Crawl. You must see it for yourselves!

These are some interesting sites to look at if you are interested in what was in the art crawl:





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