Could the ‘Steel City’ take some pointers from Pittsburgh?

Bill Strickland is coming to Hamilton

Bill Strickland might just shed some light on that very question. A Pittsburgh native, entrepreneur and businessman, Strickland is coming to Hamilton this month to give a talk on the possibilities for a steel town like Hamilton. Hamilton has often been compared to Pittsburgh and the talk entitled “A Tale of Two Cities: Pittsburgh a City Reborn…Hamilton a City on the Rise” should open up some interesting discussions on how the city should proceed in its economic restructuring. The key to revival, Strickland says, is in each community.

Tickets are FREE, you can pick them up right here at Mac on the first floor of the new Innovation Park (near the hospital).

The talk is being held at Hamilton Place Theatre on Monday November 31st. The route to get there is simple as pie — just take any of the buses going East (5, 1A, 51) and get off at the MacNab stop.

Bill Strickland’s talk should be of great interest for any Hamiltonian. Come out, get engaged and learn something new!

Also, why not check out Bill Strickland’s page?

The Bubble Poppers,