Have you heard about TED?

TED is a non-profit conference that brings together Technology, Entertainment, and Design, as well as science, business, the environment and the arts. The conference is committed to “ideas worth spreading” and it does so through numerous talks and presentations by some of the world’s most interesting and inspiring thinkers, innovators and doers.

The Cossart Exchange, a project of the Imperial Cotton Centre for the Arts, is hosting the event igniTED for screening of the conference here in Hamilton. The conference is held in Long Beach, California, but the Cossart Exchange is inviting students to watch and take part in the talks of their choice via webcasts. The conference talks can be viewed at their location in Jackson Square, near the main food court on the 2nd floor near Liason college.
Past speakers and TED prize winners included Bill Clinton, Dave Eggers, Bono, and Edward Burtynsky.

Wednesday, February 10th will be reserved for students only. Following the screenings there will be optional follow-up activities to generate discussion and thoughts regarding the webcasts. Spots are limited and are allotted on a fist-come-first-serve basis, so book today! If interested, contact Ashley Lawrence at 905.548.0111 or e-mail her at rsvp@imperialcottoncentre.com to reserve your spot.

See a complete list of events at TED.com

    Schedule of Sessions and Speakers

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Session 1. Mindshift

2:00pm-3:45pm Live Webcast Screening
3:45pm-5:15pm Post Screening Activities
Speakers: Esther Duflo, Development economist, Daniel Kahneman, Behavioral economics founder, Michael Shermer, Skeptic,
Jake Shimabukuro, Ukulele virtuoso

Session 2. Discovery

5:15pm-7:00pm Live Webcast Screening
7:00pm-8:00pm Post Screening Activities
Speakers: William Li, Cancer researcher, Cheryl Hayashi, Spider silk scientist, Dan Barber, Chef

Session 3. Action / 2010 TED Prize
Speakers: Jamie Oliver, Chef, activist
8:00pm-9:45pm Live Webcast Screening
9:45pm-10:30pm Post Screening Activities
Speakers: Jamie Oliver, Chef, activist, The TED Prize Heroes, Provocateurs, storytellers, pioneers, Sheryl Crow, Singer/songwriter, activist

Sign up today for one of these sessions and engage yourself with words and insight from some of the world’s most fascinating minds.