Where Have all the Buildings Gone?

By now we at Pop the Bubble hope that you’ve heard of the art crawl, but how about the By-Law Crawl?

If you have ever walked downtown Hamilton, you have likely noticed one of the biggest eyesores are derilect buildings. Abandonned or simply left to fall into disrepair, much of the beautiful architecture and class once present in the downtown core has begun to unravel. A lack of heritage protection in Hamilton has been a point of contention in political circles, city hall and among concerned citizens for decades. The issue of absentee landlords and the city’s inability (or unwillingness) to enforce their own Property Standards Bylaws has led to the creation of the By-Law Crawl.

The Crawl’s website identifies their mission as “proactively preventing further decay and demolition of Hamilton’s building stock, and ensuring that buildings do not pose a danger to the public”. The issue is not only the loss of heritage buildings in the core, but the immense amount of building materials that go into landfills as a result of demolishing buildings.

The By-Law Crawl is therefore not only a political issue — but one of environmental concern, sustainability, as well as historical importance.

One of the most controversial buildings in recent news was the destruction of the Lryic Theatre built in 1903. The theatre was recently torn down, causing a fervor amongst concerned citizens.

The first Crawl took place on February 6th. The next crawl will take place on Saturday March 6th.
Civic engagement is encouraged. If you are interested in getting involved with the By-law crawl the first step is becoming familiar with Hamilton’s Property Standard By-Laws.

Further information can be found of the By-law Crawl’s website HERE