Plant a tree, have a ball!

Hey everyone, just a quick heads-up to remind everyone that it is Earth Week. While eco-consciousness should be a priority all year round, there isn’t a better time than the early weeks of spring to really appreciate the renewal of the season. In the spirit of growth and vitality, the Bay Area Restoration Council (BARC) and the Royal Botanical Garden (RBG) have teamed up for a tree-planting event this Saturday, April 24th. It will be held at Churchill Park in Westdale. The event will be volunteer-run and they are looking for more volunteers! I will be there with a shovel, and you should too!

Details can be found at the Earth Day Hamilton website HERE

In addition to the tree-planting, there will be plenty of workshops and activities (including a BBQ with yummy veggie dogs), entertainment, and an eco-fair.

The event is rain or shine, so bring your rain boots!