From May 30th-April 14th, 2010 our fair city will host ‘The Hamilton 24’- an arts festival made up of several major events set within 24 hour periods.  As an example, teams of filmmakers will have 24 hours to produce a short film. They will have certain elements that they are required to  include in their film (a specific line of dialogue for example) and after 24 hours, the top ten films will be screened at a gala event, complete with awards.  Similarly- the dance event will call upon crews of dancers to chroegraph an original dance piece in the 24 time frame. There are Film, Fashion, Music and Dance events planned as well as world-class parties with VIPs and celebrities!

On the event’s website, organizers explain why ‘Hamilton 24’ is happening in the first place: “Because Hamilton has too much potential to ignore any longer.” Sounds good to me! What better way to explore Hamilton’s burgeoning arts scene than through intense and spontaneous cultural events!?

For more information, check out: http://www.h24.ca/.