Proud Hamilton

Are you proud to be a Hamiltonian?

As students at Mac, we tend to think of ourselves as McMaster residents, but not Hamilton residents – even though many of us will live here for years.  If you compact that with the stigma many students have about Hamilton as ‘The Steel City’ and it makes it hard sometimes to consider yourself a Proud Hamiltonian.

Proud Hamilton is a 15 week campaign that is encouraging Hamiltonians to showcase their pride in the city.  Each of us has a different reason to be proud of the city we live in!  Proud Hamilton lets you pick the reason that best fits you.  Whether it was exploring a new area of the city, trying a new restaurant or volunteering with friends, think about a time that you have LOVED being in Hamilton – we are sure you have one!  Proud Hamilton wants to celebrate these stories and memories.

Being a student is just one reason to be a Proud Hamiltonian. What is your reason?

Ever had a ‘Proud Hamilton’ story?  Share it with us!  Post your story in the comment box below or add your own story to the Proud Hamilton library.  It feels great to be proud of where you come from!

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