Sister from another Mister

What do Flint, Michigan and Hamilton, Ontario have in common?  Was your answer related to the two cities manufacturing industries?  With Flint’s notoriety as the birthplace of General Motors and Hamilton being home to companies like Stelco and Dofasco it is easy to assume that is the only correlation.  But if you delve a little deeper, you will figure out that these two cities are ‘sisters’.

In the name of knowledge, we at Pop the Bubble have taken this opportunity to broaden your horizons and increase you Hamilton trivia skills.  Here we go!

Hamilton has a number of sister cities throughout the world and not all of them have so much in common with the Golden Horseshoe we know and love.   The goal of a sister city is to tie two geographically and politically distinct regions to one another by promoting cultural and commercial relationships.  So the next time you visit one of these destinations remember to treat your ‘sister’ well!

Hamilton’s sister cities:

  • Shwinigan, Quebec (CAN)
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (US)
  • Flint, Michigan (US)
  • Sarasota, Florida (US)
  • Monterrey (MEXICO)
  • Racalmuto, Sicily (ITALY)
  • Valle Peligna, Abruzzo (ITALY)
  • Fukuyama (JAPAN)
  • Ma’anshan, Anhui (CHINA)
  • Mangalore (INDIA)