VON and Pathways Information Session!

By: Emily

Volunteering information sessions are coming up!

Wednesday, Nov 24 from 2:00-3:30PM @ 414 Victoria Avenue North
Thursday, Dec 2 from 10:00-11:30AM @ 65 Mall Road

(Please see previous blog post to get more information about VON)

Pathways to Education:
Tuesday, Nov 23 from 5:30-8:00PM @ 460 Wentworth Street North

Pathways to Education

Pathways to Education is a project designed to increase success in high school and access to post-secondary education for students living in the North Hamilton communities of Bennetto and Keith. It’s an excellent experience for those interested in a teaching or youth development career, with life experience to share, or simply wishing “to make a difference.”

Depending on the type of placement, volunteers have the choice of multiple days of the week. The weekly time commitment is 2 to 3 hours between 5 and 8 p.m. As a volunteer, you are expected to participate in on-going training and keep Pathways staff updated on successes and difficulties. You will also be asked to log your hours and briefly describe each session’s activities.

As a volunteer tutor, you:

  • Provide academic support and are a role model to our students;
  • Focus on literacy and learning through context and relevant applications;
  • Tutor up to four students one night per week (two to three hours) in a group setting;
  • Share information with Pathways staff in time set aside for logging work with students and discussing study skills.

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As a volunteer group mentor, you:

  • Provide social and emotional support through mentoring activities and discussions;
  • Lead a group of up to 15 students with two other volunteer mentors;
  • Commit to a mentoring group, two to three hours, once weekly or bi-weekly between October and June;
  • Share information with other volunteers and Pathways staff in time set aside for debriefing sessions and planning.

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