After over two years of living in Hamilton I FINALLY made it to my first James St North Art Crawl!

The anticipation was building and I was nervous and anxious- I mean, after this much hype could the event truly live up to my enormous expectations? Well…it DID and in some cases exceeded them.

If you are unfamiliar with the art crawl, on the second Friday of every month, all the galleries in the James St North area open up their doors and host art openings. Participants are invited to walk up and down the street, popping in and out of the different venues to check out the latest art, music and food/drink offerings. Most are free or pay-what-you-can.


My experience was amazing. The night was cold, but the galleries were warm and inviting. Unpretentious, inspiring and fun, each gallery showcased the unique works of various artists in different media. I wish we had started earlier, because as we walked up and down the street some of the galleries started to lock up, but that just made us more excited for next time.  I think this event is great because its perfect to do on your own, in a group or even on a first date. Its a unique cultural experience that really showcases Hamilton’s amazing art scene. I would have bought several pieces I saw that night, but my lack of wall space and funds forced me to appreciate them in the gallery space and in my memory.

I highly encourage this event to all Mac students and would argue that you haven’t really lived in Hamilton until you have experienced the art crawl. Seriously. For up to date information go