Light Rail Transit

By: Emily

Come out to the Light Rail Transit Open House this Friday @ 11 am- 3 pm @ MUSC Atrium!

The Hamilton Street Rail will display their concepts, designs, and ideas for LRT in the city. Student feedback is encouraged in order to best serve those attending McMaster in the future.

Curtis, project manager, says it’s crucial the public make its views known, both with concerns and with support for LRT.
“The trains have to be Hamilton-specific, they have to reflect what’s important to us. We will spend a lot of time on picking what the vehicles will look like because that’s what attracts people.”

Right now, the fastest local transportation to get you from McMaster to Eastgate terminal is the B-Line Express which only runs Monday-Friday 6 am –  7pm. It takes an average of 45 minutes on the B-Line. Without the B-Line, you’d need to take Bus 5 first and then transfer to Bus 1 taking about one hour. The Light Rail Transit is expected to only take 31 minutes no matter rain or shine. This means that you can save 15-30 minutes of your traveling time, per day!

Why is that important? Well, for me at least, it would make life more convenient to get around to volunteering agencies. It’s a motivational factor to get me going instead of making excuses, like I am right now, sort of. Since traffic and the weather doesn’t really effect the LRT, I wouldn’t need to waste any more time waiting and getting to school early just in case I’m late.

For those with jobs and with really tight schedules, this definitely saves a lot of time and nerves wondering when the bus would be coming. It becomes less psychologically and physically tiring always waiting, waiting, and waiting. (Yes, by now you can tell that I hate waiting)

So go out and support the LRT!

LRT facts

Route length: 13.4 kilometres from McMaster to Eastgate

Travel time: 31 minutes

Stops: 17 along route, curb-level, some at curbside, others along centre median

Average speed: 26 km/h

Trains: Five cars, 30 metres total, running every four minutes

Ridership forecast: Almost 2,000 passengers per hour, per direction in 2021
Here’s a computer simulated picture of what the LRT might look like

For more information, visit–lrt-vision-unveiled
Five questions with the LRT Consultant. visit–lrt-can-be-a-catalyst-for-city-says-lead-consultant