Code Red

By: Emily

What does code red mean to you?

If you work in the health care systems, you’ll probably say fire
But for the general population, it means something bad, something very urgent
Did you know that… “A 21-year difference in life expectancy separates some of our neighbourhoods.”

Hamilton Spectator has an interactive map where you can click and compare each neighbourhood here
So how does this help as a volunteer? Without me saying, the difference in ambience between the Mac campus and downtown Hamilton is probably noticeable. Learning from the map, one should recognize that there will be different people with different needs and that one must be understanding. It’s not about tolerating the differences, it’s about embracing it. Hamilton may or may not meet one’s expectations for an ideal city and perhaps the ‘steel city’ impression is still ingrained. The thought, I am here for only three or four years and it doesn’t matter, might be true. But if one wants to complain about it, shouldn’t something be done so things will change? Everyone deserves their own form of respect and it’s inappropriate to make prejudiced statements. I recognize that it’s natural and easy to jump to extreme conclusions, but it is also one’s duty to to be part of and to fulfill his/her responsibilities in his/her community.

How does one embrace the difference? Well, one could start of venturing off campus more often and see what the city has to offer. If the bus system scares you, then take a walk. Walk in to Cootes (behind Brandon), walk in to Westdale. Walk in to Fortinos, walk in to Pancake House. If you don’t know how the bus sytem works and would like to take the bus, ask. Ask your peers, Compass (in MUSC), or anyone around you waiting for buses. What do you have to lose? When you get hold of the bus system then things get easier. Bus to Dundas for the waterfalls, to Downtown for Farmers Market (with great deals saving you lots of money) or the newly renovated public library, to the Niagara escarpment (or mountain), to Lime Ridge Mall, to the Bayfront Park, to anywhere! The bus pass on the student card is all-you-can-ride September-April so make use of it.

Or, if you have some time to spare and would like to volunteer, fill out a form here
If you would like to speak in person, come over to the Student Success Centre*

Our office hours are Monday to Thursday from 12:30-4:30
Drop-ins – appointment is not necessary

We are very friendly we promise we wont bite!

*Student Success Centre used to be named Career Services. One way is to come in from Gilmour Hall (Student registration building) or through the Student Centre. Through the Student Centre, you can come in through the door by the line-up line for Tim Hortons (up the rail). Walk upstairs and it’d be right there.