My New Favourite Waterfall: The Devil’s Punchbowl!

So, it was a lazy afternoon and I was looking for adventure. I had heard of an amazing waterfall in the city called the Devils Punchbowl- and I had always been curious: the name, the location, the mystery (its apparently haunted)! So, I took off- its a bit of a drive, but absolutely worth it! I got there and first thing I saw was an incredible view of the city- you can see for miles. On the day I visited, I could see Toronto across the lake!

I went for a quick walk and ended up walking around the edge of the punchbowl itself. Its at 37 Metre ribbon waterfall and it kind of lives up to its name: it kind of looks like a punchbowl! It was great to check it out solo, but I also loved seeing a group of teens enjoying the scenery and an adorable older couple out for a romantic mid-afternoon stroll.

So- whats your favourite waterfall in Hamilton?