The Story of Stuff

By: Emily Ho

The Story of Stuff

What do you take into consideration when making purchases? Do you buy it because it’s cheap? Or do you consider the longevity, practicality, and quality of the product?

Why is it that there is a ‘local and organic’ movement for grocery purchases?

Should we really be performing the ‘reduce, reuse, and recycle’ actions? Or should we really be cutting down on consumerism?

Watch this 20-minute, fast-paced, fact-filled, humorous look at the underside of production and consumption. It explores the connections between a vast array of environmental and social issues, and points the way towarda a more sustainable and just world.

Open Circle will be hosting a discussion on The Story of Stuff on Wednesday, March 16th at 12:30 MUSC 215

What do you do to help the environment? To get you started…
-Invested in a BPA-free waterbottle to cut down on plastic
-Keep thermostat at an appropriate temperature
-Adjust refridgerator in accordance to the current weather season
-Turn off computer/laptop/lights when not in use
-Cover pots when boiling water