Hiking in Hamilton

If your goals for this summer involve getting a little bit more exercise or enjoying more of the great outdoors, Hamilton is the perfect place to be! We get a bad rap as the industrial capital of Canada; don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of factories and industrial plants to see around here, but the natural environment in Hamilton rivals that of anywhere else in Canada! Also known as the waterfall capital of the world, Hamilton’s placement between Lake Ontario and the escarpment makes for a beautiful natural setting.

If you’re living near campus this summer, grab your bike or take a bus to one of the many waterfalls or hiking trails that are located nearby! One of my personal favourites is the Syndenham falls, located just minutes away in Dundas. You can climb up to the top set of falls in one of two ways; climb through the creek itself and scale both lower sets of falls, or take the easier route along the Bruce trail. If you make it to the top you won’t be disappointed; it’s an incredible view!

Leave us a comment and let us know-what’s your favourite “natural” hang-out in Hamilton?

-The PTB Bloggers