Hamilton Young Professionals

We at Pop the Bubble want to help you get involved in the Hamilton community and discover the people and places in Hamilton that you love!  There are a lot of great reasons to get involved in Hamilton but one of them resonates with a lot of members in the community – RETENTION!


Last summer we blogged about whether one of our student staff would stay in Hamilton post-graduation and what his reasons for wanting to stick around were.  Sometimes it is easy to feel alone in wanting to stick around and make a career in Hamilton because of the large number of students who talk about moving to Toronto or some other big city to set down roots.  But know this bubble poppers, you are not alone in loving Hamilton and settling down here!


Check out The Spec’s Young Professionals series – a weekly profile of young adults just like you who have decided to get their careers started in Hamilton and the reasons why this city is the perfect fit!


There are also lots of ways to network in Hamilton using resources dedicated to young professionals like Hamilton Hive and HYPE (Hamilton Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs)!


So spend some time this summer deciding whether the reasons you love Hamilton are a reason to stick around!


-the PTB Bloggers