Gore Park Promenade

Gore Park has a bad rap… one that McMaster students tend to take at face value and, as a result, they avoid it all together.  It is understandable.  Positioned in the downtown core, anchored by the failing Royal Connaught Hotel and Jackson Square and filled with unfamiliar members of the community, it has seen better days.

But what if the old Gore Park you knew became something different?

Opening of Gore Park (1860)

Enter the Gore Park Promenade – a space for vendors to gather and community members to visit.  Four days a week, the Downtown Hamilton Business Improvement Area (BIA) and Hamilton City Council have made it possible for vendors to have stalls in Gore Park for FREE!

So why not try something new this summer?  The old Gore Park could be just a fleeting memory!


  • Open Wed-Fri from 11am-6pm
  • Up to 40 vendors per day
  • MAP