Healthy Hamilton – Part I

It is easy to incorporate some healthy habits into your day to day schedule, especially in a city like Hamilton! We are blessed with some amazing natural surrounding areas- so one of the best ways to achieve your wellness-related goals is to just get out and explore this amazing city we live in!

At ‘Pop the Bubble’ we believe that it is vitally important for students to become engaged with the communities in which they live. During your time at McMaster, we want to make sure that you are inspired to pop your campus ‘bubble’ and one of the best ways to do this is to get outdoors: Play! Exercise! Explore!

1. Rail Trail

Whether you want to go for a full day bike-ride (complete with picnic!) or just a short, romantic walk with your sweetheart- the Rail Trail is a great place to start! This trail is 32km, starts right by Mac and ends in Brantford! An ambitions but achievable goal is to take the trail to the Dundas Valley Conservation Area- a great way to spend a day! Check out for more information.

2. Waterfalls!

You may not know it, but Hamilton (Yes- Hamilton, Ontario) is (allegedly) the waterfall capital of the WORLD! We know that there are more than 100 waterfalls in the Hamilton area. Exploring these gorgeous natural wonders is a great way to get outdoors and get some fresh air. This past weekend, we just checked out the Devil’s Punchbowl (it is AMAZING) but we recommend that Mac students should check out closer (but equally stunning) waterfalls like Webster’s Falls, Tiffany Falls and Tews Falls.

3. Cootes Paradise

We almost feel silly putting this one on the list- it’s a bit obvious and it’s practically on campus! We thought it deserved a spot on the list because despite its proximity, not everyone knows about it! Located just north of campus, Cootes Paradise is the largest wetland at the Western end of Lake Ontario. There are some great trails (you can pick them up right behind Brandon Hall or near the ALTITUDE climbing tower) which are perfect for getting in some exercise and seeing some of the amazing wildlife that lives there such as swans, deer, rabbits and the elusive water vole!

4. Princess Point to Bayfront Park

In the PTB team, this was voted best place to take a date! And it’s super close to Westdale to boot!  This paved trail is an amazing place to run, ride, roll or stroll! In the summer you can take the lazy way out and take the family train that goes up and down the path, but to get the most activity out of your experience we recommend making your own way. If you need a break, or want to people watch, there are lots of benches along the way. To get to Princess Point, just walk North to the end of Longwood and you are practically there!

5. Escarpment Stairs

Not for the faint of heart- the escarpment stairs are a great way to get your heart pumping and work out your legs! If it is your first time, take your time and don’t rush yourself. We promise it will be exhausting, but we also promise the view is pretty spectacular!  You can access the stairs by the Chedoke Golf Course and at the end of Dundurn Street South. Little known fact: these stairs lead to the Chedoke Radial Trail which is part of the Bruce Trail? Who knew?

Sincerely yours,

– The Bubble Poppers


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