Art Crawl Review

This is just one of the many examples of art featured at this months Art Crawl. This particular piece is part of Colin Lyons' Automatic Ruins exhibition presented by Hamilton Artists Inc.

This month’s Art Crawl was a huge success with individuals flooding the sidewalks of James St. North. Art Crawl is a monthly event held on James St. North to showcase the various works of art ranging from prints, sculptures, music, jewellery and dance. People of all different ages could be seen observing the work that Art Crawl had to offer and all the different cultures that were present. Local artist could be seen selling original prints, postcards, stationery, photographed images and other articles. The works produced by local studios were open for the public to view, as many of the artists who worked in the studio were there offering insight into their work and experiences.

If you like art, be sure to check out the Hamilton Art Market. The market features local Hamiltonian artist who have come from around the world and are displaying various types of art that are for sale. The works are original (as well as affordable) and include items such as prints, paintings, jewellery, clothing, stationary and much more. The event runs every Saturday from 11:00AM-4:00PM (rain or shine) until August 27th and is located at the International Village, Ferguson Station (Ferguson Ave N and King St E).

The market (formally known as the Sabawoon Bazarr) was designed to help downtown Hamilton by attracting local members of the community to the area. The market has been an ongoing project for the last 4 years and was formed from a partnership between the Community Centre for Media Arts and the Imperial Cotton Centre for the Arts.

For more information about the market, visit its website here.