Photograph Hamilton

Hamilton has a lot of spectacular views to capture and photograph. Having a simple point and shoot camera can be all you need in order to get spectacular shots in the city. Here is a quick guide and some tips for photographing Hamilton!

This picture was taken in one of Hamilton's many suburban areas.

Hamilton offers stunning panoramic views, exciting actions shots, and humble snapshots; it is just a matter of where you look and capturing the perfect moment on your camera. There are many things to consider when photographing in Hamilton. Will you be taking nature shots or pictures of people and culture in Hamilton.

If you are new to photography there are a few terms that you should know before heading out to get the perfect shot. Most cameras have similar features and settings that will help you in different lighting conditions, ranges, environments.

If you are taking close up shots, change your camera setting to macro. This will focus your shot and allow you to get some of the finer details of the picture and automatically change the zoom. Here is an example of a picture shot in ‘macro’ that was taken in Cootes Paradise:

You can see the stunning details that are brought out in this picture by changing your camera's setting to 'macro'.

If you are going to be taking a picture of a landscape setting (such as some of the shots on the escarpment) you can change your camera’s setting to a landscape one. This will bring out more vivid greens and blues in the shot.

The downtown core has a lot of great shots to offer (a good suggestions is taking pictures of the architecture in Hamilton). Before trying out some of your camera’s different settings, try using ‘auto mode’. This feature will automatically adjust to your settings. This includes shutter speed, focus and ISO. This picture was taken on James Street North using ‘Auto’ mode

This is just one shot taken in the downtown core of Hamilton. As you can see, different lighting conditions can change your image.

You can also take really nice shots of Hamilton at night time with all of the city lights glistening. Changing your cameras setting to ‘night scene’ will use a slower shutter speed (shutter speed is the exposure time- the time that your cameras shutter is open).

Hamilton has 126 waterfalls and these natural water resources are great things to photograph. When taking photos of waterfalls in Hamilton, there are some challenges that you may need to consider. Flowing water is a moving subject so you can approach it in two ways. You can either choose to try and capture the movement of the water by using a fast shutter speed (this will allow some of the details of the water moving), or, you can choose to blur the water which has an interesting effect of the water when viewing the shots. To blur the water you may need to use editing software on your computer, depending on water type of camera you have.

You can also try to change the colour of your images to give it a different feel. This picture was taken on Locke Street:

Try positioning your subjects in different areas of your photo!

Hamilton has some great scenery settings for you to take some marvellous shots. You can keep things simple and photograph everyday objects that are around you in the city or go for more elaborate pictures by photographing vast landscape shots.