Where the Concrete Desert Blooms

There are so many students on campus who are ‘popping the bubble’ in their own unique and creative ways!  Today we want to profile one of the students – Tings Chak!


Ting is a recent graduate of the Arts & Science program at McMaster and she spent her time here exploring Hamilton and discovering the many great things it had to offer.  To culminate her undergraduate experience she created the graphic novella Where the Concrete Desert Blooms, which chronicled her experience and connection to Hamilton.


As described in the Daily News,  ‘with an earnest narrative and engaging illustrations, Chak shares the story of how she ventured out beyond the borders of campus and Westdale and discovered Hamilton – a city, she writes, that “could be so many things, and is so many things.”’


Tings Chak found a new way to explore her city and connect to the people in it – how will you ‘pop the bubble’?


-the PTB bloggers