The Hamilton Book of Everything

While perusing the bookshelves here at the Student Success Centre, I came across a title that piqued my interest; “The Hamilton Book of Everything.” This book is a serious must read for anyone living in Hamilton, whether they’ve lived here all their life or just moved recently for school. Stuffed full of information, interesting facts, biographies and interviews with some of Hamilton’s most famous, this book provides a close-up, uninhibited view of the great city that we call home. One of the coolest features of the book is that it gives top five lists for hundreds of different topics; notable disasters, ghosts, restaurants…even the top five movies shot in Hamilton! You can check it out online (just google “Hamilton Book of Everything”) or drop in to the Student Success Centre and borrow our copy!

I’ll sign off with a few lines from my favourite article in the book, “You know you’re from Hamilton when…”

  • You know what the Linc is
  • You hate the Argos
  • You can get to an address downtown only making two right hand or two left hand turns
  • You’ve taken the bone-rattling ride across the city on the Beeline express
  • You can look in 4 directions and still see a Tim Horton’s each way