I was so excited. After hearing a lot about Hamilton’s Roller Derby scene, I was thrilled to have the chance to check it all out this past Saturday.

I had NO idea what to expect. I thought I had a sense of how it all worked- women on roller skates racing around a track and knocking each other around. As it turns out, I had NO real clue about the athleticism of these women and sense of community I was about to discover.

On Saturday August 13 we walked into the J.L. Grightmire Market St Arena in Dundas. You could hear the announcer and the applause- it had already started! We bought our tickets and headed right in. We asked one of the volunteers where the best seats were and without hesitation they told us to head to the floor. We didn’t know until we sat down that we had unknowingly, but willingly sat ourselves in the ‘Suicide Seats.’ As close the action as you can get without competing.

The game itself is awesome- strong powerful women playing a bad-ass sport with clever and intimidating names such as ‘Bitchslap Barbie’  and ‘Mean Little Mamma’- whats not to love! Even the officials have great names! (see Molotov Rawktail )

As we became more familiar with the rules, we started to like it more and more. We found ourselves cheering for amazing plays and becoming super fans of some of our favourite players (HCRG’s Hammerhead and Killamazoo’s Javelin were our top pics!)

Roller derby is exciting, fun and amazing to watch. If you have a chance to catch a bout- we at Pop the Bubble highly recommend it! If you are intimidated that you don’t know a whole lot about the sport- you can check out the HCRG FAQ section that does a great job of explaining the ins and outs of the game.

So- this season is sadly over for the Hamilton City Roller Girls, but there are some other leagues nearby hosting games. Check out an upcoming game in Brantford on August 27.

Visit the HCRG wesbite here and follow them on twitter here @HammerCityRG.