I never really knew what people meant when they said things like ‘the air was electric’ or ‘you could feel the energy of the crowd.’ Until this past Saturday night. We arrived late ( I suppose to avoid seeming to darn keen.) but just in time to experience the amazing art, music, food and people present at the 2011 Supercrawl.

Lets start with the food. In addition to the James St North staples (and a line up at the Mulberry-complete with security!), it was a ‘whos who’ of food trucks like Gorilla Cheese and Sweetness Bakery. Every few feet was a new smell- coffee, street meat, beer. It was awesomely delicious.

Then on to the art. I have to admit I was very distracted by the action on the street to tear myself away into one of the many galleries open that night- but when I did I was delighted and provoked by some amazing pieces. Paintings, sculptures, photographs and installations were available and for many of my friends it was their first time seeing art outside of the AGH or AGO. On top of the galleries, there were amazing pieces peppered throughout James St N. Stunning blue driftwood, rooftop giants, walking signs- there was no shortage of imagination or beauty in Hamilton!

Music! Aside from the obvious (headliners Broken Social Scene) there was a remarkable amount of talent from a wide variety of genres. We only got to see a few bands and were desperately upset that we missed local favourites like the Dinner Belles. If you missed the Supercrawl altogether, or just missed a few artists, our suggestion is to visit the supercrawl website and get to know the artists who played. Visit their websites, find out the next time they are playing and then go see them! Support local music!

People. The people! While walking up and down the street there was no discernible ‘type’ of person at the Supercrawl- all walks of life, all ages, all sizes and all backgrounds were there. I’ve rarely been to a community event where everyone mingles so seamlessly- bound by the electric energy of the event and the fantastic moments when, no matter where you come from originally, we were all Hamiltonians.