Top 5 Off-Campus Study Spots

It’s that time of year again. Midterms. We all know what that means too: lots of coffee and the same monotonous study location as always…. Or does it? We’ve compiled a list of some of our favourite places to study off campus, so that you can get a break from dreariness in order to ace those exams. Added bonus, you just might find your new favourite place in the process…
1) My Dog Joe – Located in Westdale, it’s minutes from campus. Less if you take the bus (which stops right out front).  With a thrifty chic atmosphere, you’re encouraged to get comfy and study in comfort. Definitely worth trying the savoury southwest muffin – a different take on the cupcake.

2) Starbucks on Locke St. – A bit further from Westdale, but worth the trek. You’ll be more likely to find a seat during exam season, while the closer places tend to fill up. Also, close to the Locke St. Bakery (you can guess the trend – studying is better with coffee and cupcakes).

3) Westdale Public Library – for when you need the library to actually be quiet. Mills gets loud during exam time – especially in the learning commons. Computer and internet access is available here, and it’s going to be more quiet (as long as you keep it that way!). Definitely a good place to get your studying done in peace. Bakery nearby is Weil’s of Westdale – they make killer pastries. Get there early to have the best selection and a good spot in the library!

4) The Mulberry – From the same people as My Dog Joe, the Mulberry offers a similar sort of relaxed, trendy atmosphere. It’s got a patio for those nice days, and the interior has high ceilings to give an equally open atomsphere. The setting itself could cure a headache. The drinks and food are similar to My Dog Joe, but the peach iced green tea is worth checking out!

5) Hamilton Downtown Central Library – Similar to its Westdale counterpart, this library has a whole host of services: free internet and computer access, journals and books McMaster might not have, and publically accessible academic supports. The librarians here can be a great help for you if you need some help working on your writing, or finding resources that your classmates won’t be able to find on campus.