Once a week, Pop the Bubble will try to showcase some amazing articles from some other bloggers in the city. Take a look through to find out What’s Going On in our fair city.

Today we are posting information that is related to the Provincial Election on Thursday!

The Spec: Ontario Votes!– See riding/candidate profiles, join social media discussions, and get news updates on thespec.com’s Ontario Votes election site. Lots of Hamilton specific information to help you make an informed decision on Thursday.

Raise the Hammer: Mayor Tries to Wiggle Province out of LRT Promise– In this article by Ryan McGreal, you will find a breakdown of the ongoing LRT debate about who committed (or didn’t?) funds for the project.

Apathy Is Boring: This website is geared towards inspiring youth participation in elections. There is lots of great information and resources to help you get prepared for the election including glossaries, party profiles and edutaining videos. That is right- edutaining.

Some of the Parties….
The Green Party (on Twitter: @OntarioGreens)
Leader: Mike Schreiner (on Twitter: @MikeSchreiner)
Platform Website: http://itstimeforgreen.ca/

The Liberal Party (on Twitter: @OntLiberal)
Leader: Dalton McGuinty (on Twitter: @Dalton_McGuinty)
Platform Website: http://www.ontarioliberal.ca/OurPlan/Platform.aspx

The New Democratic Party (NDP) (on Twitter: @OntarioNDP)
Leader: Andrea Horwath (on Twitter: @andreahorwath)
Platform Website: http://ontariondp.com/en/policy

The Progressive Conservative Party (on Twitter: @OntarioPCParty)
Leader: Tim Hudak (on Twitter: @timhudak)
Platform Website: http://www.ontariopc.com/changebook/

Canadian’s Choice Party: http://www.canadianschoice.com/

Communist Party of Ontario: http://www.ontariocpc.ca/

Ontario Provincial Confederation of Regions Party:  http://sites.google.com/site/ontariocorparty/

Family Coalition Party: http://www.familycoalitionparty.com

Freedom Party of Ontario: http://www.freedomparty.on.ca/

Northern Ontario Heritage Party: http://www.nohp.ca

Ontario Libertarian Party: http://www.libertarian.on.ca

The Only Party

Paramount Canadians Party: http://www.paramountparty.ca/

Party for Human Rights in Ontario

Pauper Party of Ontario

The People’s Political Party: http://www.peoplespoliticalpower.ca/

Reform Party of Ontario: http://www.newcanada.ca/

People First Republic Party of Ontario: http://www.pfrpo.ca/

Party for People with Special Needs: http://specialneedsparty.blogspot.com/

Socialist Part of Ontario: http://www.thegingerproject.org/

Vegan Environmental Party