What is all the buzz about Hive X? (Get it? :)

So- picture yourself- a young student, living in Hamilton, Ontario.

You are unsure of what the future holds, so you are looking for opportunities to grow, learn and develop.You think you might want to stick around in this amazing city, but not sure about what opportunities there are for you.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was an organization that was looking out for you and your needs? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a network of people JUST LIKE YOU, looking to network, advance their careers and develop professionally? Well- sit down. This is big. Really big.

Such a network exists. For real. Its called Hamilton Hive and according to their website they are ‘a local network of young professionals and entrepreneurs that provides a gateway to access a range of business, social and learning opportunities.’

Furthermore ‘The mission of the Hamilton Hive is to provide an all-in-one, up-to-date resource for young professionals from across the economic landscape that are looking to start or advance their career and life in Hamilton and to assist in building young professional networks in Hamilton.’

So- if you are thinking about life as a young professional in Hamilton- the Hamilton Hive is probably the BEST place to find help navigating your way from worker drone to Queen Bee.

On Sunday October 23rd, Hamilton Hive is hosting ‘HIVE X’ which is an entire conference for young professionals in the city. The event will have amazing speakers, panels and workshops this conference is THE event for you.  Consider the $45 registration fee an investment in your bright, bright future. Better get some sun glasses!

To register: http://www.thegroupstore.com/hamiltonhive

For more information: http://www.hamiltonhive.ca