Halloween for Hunger!

Hungry, hm?

You’re sitting in the same boat 867,948 Canadians were sitting in in March 2010, as they turned to their local food banks in their hour of need, and earned a spot in the record-books for the highest level of food bank use on record. The daily struggle to put food on the table is not a rarity by any means: over 50 million Americans endured the challenge in 2009 itself, and millions across the globe continue to endure it as you read this. From the crippling costs of housing and food to the vicious circle of unemployment and low wages, North Americans are no exception to this plea for help, and many are left in dire poverty as they struggle to meet the most basic of their needs.

October 31 is a night dedicated to collecting a month’s quota of delicious candy, dressing up in stylish costumes, and going door-to-door around town with one’s friends. This October 31st, tie in a little twist into your Halloween experience with Free the Children’s Halloween for Hunger campaign: leave your footprint on the movement to end hunger in your community by collecting non-perishable food items for your local food banks instead of candy!

2010 saw over 182,825 active youth donating 609,225.4 pounds of food: enough to feed 119 families of four for an entire year! Whether you’re looking to volunteer and get involved with Free the Children, or are simply looking for an exciting way to experience Hamilton while making a difference, you’re in the right place.

Sign up via the following link: http://forms.freethechildren.com/?&module=campaigns/h4h2011.