Volunteer Central

Are you new to Hamilton and are struggling to find a place for yourself in your home away from home? Have you had a challenge finding the right organization to volunteer with? Look no further!

Having over forty years of community experience in facilitation and support of volunteer-based initiatives, Volunteer Hamilton promotes citizen participation in order to nurture a healthy, safe and sustainable community!

If you’re on the look-out for excellent volunteering opportunities across the city of Hamilton, check out the organization’s home-page for more information on its focus, as well as the fantastic Volunteer Database it put together to truly bring the opportunities to the students and engage them futrther! The links are below:

– Home Page: http://www.volunteerhamilton.on.ca/

– Volunteer Database: http://www.inform.hamilton.ca/volunteer/

Don’t miss out: get involved and find the right opportunity for yourself! It is never too late to get involved and make a difference.