Are You Ready For The Election- THE RESULTS

As some of you may know, on October 6th Ontario headed to the polls and elected a Liberal minority government. Prior to the election the McMaster Student Success Centre and McMaster Students Union ran a campaign called “Voting Gets Result”.

During the campaign a quiz was administered to students passing by called “Are you ready for the election?”

For the most part it seems that students were ready for the election. The most common score on the quiz was 7/9 which was scored by 35% of participants and no participants scored less than 3/9.

Examining the results further we saw nearly 80% of participants receive a score of 60% or higher.

Nearly all quiz participants were able to correctly identify Dalton McGuinty of the Liberal Party as the current premier and even more impressively were able to correctly identify Healthcare, Green Energy, Post-secondary education and transit infrastructure as major election issues.

On the other hand the responses  that were most prominently answered incorrectly were questions of whether or not you needed to register in order to vote and the dates that advance polling occurs.

45% of participants thought that you needed to register and be on the Voter list in order to vote. Although you do need to be on the voter list,as long as you have photo identification and proof of residency you can be added to the list when you went to vote. The second most common mistake goes to when advance polling occurred with about 37% of participants responding incorrectly .

However for the most part it appears that young people were ready for this election, however did they get out there and vote on October 6th?