Fair Trade is Boo-tiful

This Halloween EWB McMaster, WUSC, and Mac Green are going to be “Scaring them fair” by going out into the local community to spread the word on Fair Trade.

Here are the details

What? Fair Trade Halloween Campaign

When? October 28, 2011 and October 31, 2011

Where? Burke Science Building Lawn at McMaster Campus (October 28) and for October 31 – Dundas (houses along King St. West)

Why? Fair Trade Awareness

“Scare them Fair”
When was the last time you saw a dancing gorilla give away free chocolates in an effort to get McMaster University to ‘Treat the world to equality and sustainability’ at Halloween? Engineers Without Borders, WUSC, and Mac Green have teamed up to raise awareness about Fair Trade as part of a national effort to increase Fair Trade visibility. Members, dressed as bananas and the Fair Trade product logo, were handing out Oxfam Belgian Mini’s, one of many varieties of Fair Trade chocolates available online and in grocery stores. EWB McMaster, WUSC and Mac Green could also be seen Reverse trick or treating President Deane’s office, as well as going door-to-door in the Dundas community on October 31st. Instead of asking for candy, they will be giving out Fair Trade treats and information.

This Halloween campaign is being spearheaded out of Vancouver: Canada’s largest Fair Trade Town and the home to Canada’s first Fair Trade Campus. McMaster University is currently working towards achieving this status. The Fair Trade Campus distinction is awarded by Fair Trade Canada to universities and colleges across the country that demonstrate leadership in providing Fair Trade certified products on campus.

“Contrary to what the name of the campaign suggests, we want to use the fun of Halloween to start conversations with students, faculty, staff and the general Hamilton community”, said Brandon Desbarbieux and Amy Tang, members of Engineers Without Borders McMaster Chapter. “We are trying to show the power consumers have to contribute to sustainability and equality through their purchases. It’s easy to ‘Fair Trade Yo Treats’ any day of the year. And this event was a great way for students to engage and connect with residents in Dundas.”

For information on Fair Trade and McMaster Engineers Without Borders, please visit http://fairtrade.ca and http://mcmaster.ewb.ca/.