World Diabetes Day

A doctor and a medical student in the late 1920’s tie a string around the pancreatic duct of several dogs. Ninety years following their discovery, Banting and Best continue to leave their mark on the lives of millions, not only leading to a Nobel Peace Prize, but also developing a treatment to a condition that was considered to almost certainly lead to death earlier. Leaving its mark on global healthcare, insulin sits at the top of the charts amongst Canada’s most prolific scientific accomplishments.

Held on November 14, World Diabetes Day is dedicated to celebrating Canada’s diabetes innovations, as well as to honoring Diabetes Champions such as Banting, Best, and MacLeod, as well as friends, family, researchers, volunteers and advocates that have been touched by diabetes in some form. Commemorated since November 2007 as an official United Nation’s World Health Day, the occasion is celebrated across over 160 countries on the birthday of co-founder F. Banting, and is geared towards engaging millions of people worldwide in diabetes advocacy and awareness. Together, the Canadian Diabetes Association, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, founding sponsor Novo Nordisk Canada Inc. and silver sponsor Eli Lilly Canada, are uniting and marking the day.

Celebrate the 90th anniversary of the discovery of insulin. Hop onto the campaign’s Facebook page, learn about the Diabetes Education and Prevention theme that the campaign is carrying through from 2009 to 2013, and get involved. Whether you are directly influenced by diabetes or not, the implications of diabetes in society and the healthcare system is something that influences every individual: make a difference this November 14, advocate for the cause, and leave your mark!