Sudan Week of Action

4.5 million people. 2,628,000 minutes of starvation. Between 2003 and 2008, more than one life has been lost every minute due to the harsh realities faced by the people of Sudan.

Yet, apart from occasional references to “Darfur”, barely any attention is paid to the ongoing crisis on a daily basis today. In the shadows of this lack of awareness, thousands more continue to struggle for survival, influenced by internal conflict, displacement, political instability, landmines, natural disasters and severe poverty.

Held between November 14 and November 18 at McMaster, Sudan Week of Action is a campaign dedicated to promoting awareness-based and fundraising efforts towards lifting the thousands in Sudan that are affected by these circumstances. Although Sudan Week of Action is typically held towards the end of October, the Red Cross Society of McMaster has its very own “Change-for-Change” campaign in support of the international campaign, which includes a McMaster-wide penny-drive in classes across campus to raise funds over the week.

Join the fight against ignorance and lend a helping hand to the helpless. Leave your mark on the lives of many across the world; be the first domino and start your own domino effect of change. All it takes is a few pennies: chalk those pockets with change and contribute to the cause from November 14 to November 18!

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