New Year’s Resolutions- POP THE BUBBLE STYLE!

You probably don’t need this blog to tell you that it is 2012. (Hopefully!) But what you might use this blog for is some inspiration on how to get involved, engaged and in love with Hamilton. January is a month of new beginnings and new opportunities- why not take the chance and try a new restaurant, check out a new gallery or experience a new part of the city?

We have a few suggestions for potential resolutions for Mac students in the city.

Why not resolve to:

START  A RESTAURANT CHALLENGE! Get a group of friends and challenge each other to discover the most affordable and most delicious restos in the city. There are plenty in Hamilton with many offering student rates and discounts. You can try staying safe in Westdale or you can be more adventurous, trek across the bridge and explore some amazing spots on Locke St, James St North and beyond!

ENJOY WINTER! There are tons of recreation activities to enjoy in the city!!! Want to go skating with your sweetie? Try HERE. Want to go tobogganing? Try checking out articles about sled safety HERE and HERE. Why not head down to the harbour, grab a delicious and delightful hot chocolate at the William’s and walk along the water?

GET INVOLVED! There is no better time than NOW to get engaged in your city. There are many volunteer opportunities that could match your availability and interests. Volunteering is a fantastic way to meet new people, gain new skills, network and stay healthy! If you are interested- just email and they will help you get started!

WRITE FOR A BLOG! We are always looking for diverse ideas and opinions on PTB! If you are interested in writing, please drop us a line at There are tons of great blogs in the city to check out too- some of our favourites are: Raise the Hammer and Happening Hamilton.

What are your resolutions? Tell us about it!

The Bubble Poppers.