Sushi in Hamilton

Hamilton has some of the best sushi places I’ve seen. Point blank. With such a diverse culinary community, I kind of expected more rarefied palates like those for sushi to be less than superb when I first moved to Hamilton, but I’ve been happily disproven.  Hamilton’s restaurant community is perfectly suited for those who wish to explore and experiment with new flavours and combinations. I am confident that after a few bites you will all agree that Hamilton sushi is some of the best in Ontario. I urge you all to check out some of what the city has to offer… Comment which is your favourite to help other people decide where to go first!

1)      Kampai, (905) 777-8744; 236 King St. W – For one of the city’s top rated restaurants, Kampai is surprisingly cheap. The fish is fresh and thickly cut, and the rice is well seasoned enough to ground the meal. As far as décor, Kampai sets a very high standard for authenticity and comfort; with attentive service and a calming aesthetic, it’s definitely worth checking out. Why not bring a friend or a date and make an evening of it… There’s lots more to do once you’re downtown!

2)      Kasa Sushi, (905) 527-5272; 1686 Main St. W  – Close to University Plaza, Kasa sushi is a relatively new sushi joint, but they have quickly risen to the top of some people’s list of favourites. Kasa sushi provides “All-You-Can-Eat” menus for those who want to go nuts, but you can also order from a “per-item” menu. Regardless of the route you choose, though, the food is carefully and quickly put together. Keep an eye out for their fusion dishes and more eccentric combinations – a favourite of mine is their inclusion of mango to kick up a more traditional roll.

3)      Sapporo, (905) 527-1668; 96 Main Street E – Another “All-You-Can-Eat” place, Sapporo is a staple destination for most Mac students heading for sushi downtown. Only a few blocks east of James St. it is a great destination after an art crawl (every 2nd Friday of the month, if you had forgotten). The food is traditional and well prepared, and their quality emanates through much of the restaurant’s experience. The décor is comfortable with authentic elements, and the service is friendly and attentive. Expect a good time when you head to Sapporo.

4)      August 8, (905) 524-3838; 1 Wilson St – A personal favourite of mine, August 8 has great sushi and quick service for an “All-You-Can-Eat” restaurant. Their menu is diverse enough to have lots of vegetarian options and non-sushi dishes from Japanese cuisine. Even a variety of desserts are included on the menu. Their meals are delicious and delicately presented, and going to August 8 makes for a great event.  However be sure to bring a group – the more the merrier when it comes to “All-You-Can-Eat” sushi!

5)      Joya Sushi, (905) 525-1114; 1630 Main St. W – Only a quick bus trip from campus, Joya sushi is actually closer to campus than University Plaza! The food itself is surprisingly good, and the servings are generous. With tea and salad included with most meals, too, Joya really stretches your budget to give an even more satisfying experience for those of us with budgets to consider. While you can’t have unlimited sushi, the dishes are more elaborate and you can even indulge in some Korean BBQ options, in case you want a bit of a different flavoured experience.

6)      Sushistar, (905) 522-5093; 127 King St E – Great for desserts, Sushistar is another “All-You-Can-Eat” place that is favoured by students at the university. They offer a wide variety of cuisine types, including Chinese cuisine, so their diverse menu is sure to please. Having recently renovated too, their atmosphere is indulgent and comfortable. While their service is well-intentioned, some suggest to come on less popular evenings, as the staff can sometimes be overwhelmed… Tuesday night sushi, anyone?!