MSU Presidential Election

Yesterday was the official start to another campaign season for MSU presidency. The McMaster Students Union (MSU) is a student run organization that works to coordinate and facilitate student life and involvement around campus. The MSU manages facilities like 1280 and Bridges, the 2nd floor clubspace in MUSC, the Underground printing shop, and the Union Market in MUSC. Furthermore, the MSU works hard to ensure that the student voice is maintained and heard at the university.  Without the MSU we wouldn’t have effective clubs or events. Clearly, I’m a fan of the MSU.

And you should be too. All students are members of this union, and have the right to vote on important matters within the university. And that’s why this presidential election is so important. As students, we have the power to get engaged in our community, and decide who we want representing our collective body to the administration.

I’m not here to tell who which candidate you should vote for, but I insist that, if you are a student, take a minute and vote. It’s an online ballot, so it’s even better. Voting runs Feb 1st and 2nd from 9am to 5pm. During a boring lecture, get civically engaged. While surfing facebook, get civically engaged. While negging trolls, get civically engaged. Find out more here.

This is a great way to start being more engaged as a student… First its voting for an MSU candidate, then it’s checking out Art Crawl, and before you know it you’re totally engaged in your community and getting the most out of your university experience. Don’t let your time here go to waste. Make an impact. Vote.