The Art will Crawl on

Ahh yes the Art Crawl- a time of month when the true beauty and

this photo is courtesy of one of the many Ryan Gosling tumblr blogs that is emerging. This one specifically is from "Hamilton Ryan Gosling"-

creativity locked within Hamilton’s artists is unleashed in a plethora of displays lining James St N.

Happening the second Friday of every month, Art Crawl happens as previously mentioned on James St N. On the night of Art Crawl all of the beautiful galleries along James St N have their new exhibits open to the public.

The atmosphere is also a mixture of laid back and refreshing- energizing and relaxing. It makes for a great night out with friends at a very low cost. Overall, Art Crawl has made me have a greater appreciation for the talented artists we have here in Hamilton and is a perfect way to get more engaged with the city.