Me to We: How University Students Can Create Positive Social Change

Craig Kielburger, co-founder of the internationally known, youth-driven charity, Free The Children will visit St. Francis Xavier University on Thursday, Feb. 2, 2012, to deliver a keynote address as part of StFX’s McKenna Leadership Centre Encounter. His talk, Me to We: How Students Can Create Positive Social Changes, takes place at 7 p.m AST and will be broadcast live on

Craig’s talk concerns issues of social change and civic engagement relevant to students, particularly, the role that students play in enacting change.  His intent is clearest in his own words introducing his speech:

“ For many, university is a place to learn about the world and their own place in it. Student life is often a time of profound self-discovery and experimentation, when young people develop the values and views which will guide them in the future. The knowledge they gain, the opinions they form, and the relationships they build during these years will influence their priorities in the years to come as they make some of the most crucial decisions of their lives.

The choices these young people make will have a profound impact—not only on the course of their own personal and professional lives, but on the local, national and international communities in which they live. Today’s university students are poised to assume many of the most prominent positions in our society. As they prepare for what lies ahead, it is vital that these young leaders attain the knowledge, skills and motivation to create and sustain positive social change in a globalizing world.

As participants continue their studies or embark on their careers, they will do so with a fresh understanding of their own potential, equipped with all of the tools necessary to become leading advocates of social responsibility and true global citizens.”

Be sure to check out the talk this Thursday; there’s never been an easier way to become aware about civic engagement.

Who: Craig Kielburger

What: Me to We: How Students Can Create Positive Social Changes

When:  Thursday, Feb 2nd, 2012 7:00 p.m.