It IS Easy Eating Green

There are tons of great restaurants in Hamilton, and many of them are vegetarian friendly. Here is a list of a few favourites…

1) Mex-i-can (Tex Mex) – 107 James St N

A popular choice in the office, Mex-i-can is a fantastic and veg-friendly downtown option. Tex-Mex food is always fun to eat, and Mex-i-can upholds that tradition. Making everything from scratch, each dish has a unique flavour distinct from other so-called competitors. With vegan options Mex-i-can is a great choice for those on a strict diet with a huge craving for delicious food. Enough good things can’t be said about Mex-i-can. (Also, I’ve heard their Pina Coladas are fantastic, but I wouldn’t know myself…)

2) The Himalaya (Indian) – 160 Centennial Parkway N

The Himalaya is a small, but delicious vegetarian restaurant. An inexpensive option for fantastic vegetarian food, the Himalaya is a students’ dream… Great food, great prices, great options. The service is fast and friendly, and you can be comfortable knowing that all your food comes from a purely vegetarian kitchen. An added benefit – especially for people who, like me, are bad with very spicy foods – is that you can indicate how spicy you would like your meals to be and they will cook with that in consideration. A definite go to for what is considered some of the best vegetarian Indian food in the city.

3) Wass (Ethiopian) – 207 James St S

With gluten free and vegan options, Wass distinguishes itself from this group as being among the most veg-friendly places in Hamilton. While it serves meat options, you can have an authentic Ethiopian food experience without needing to make dietary accommodations. Ethiopian cuisine is more of an experience than a palate, and Wass embodies that. The whole event of eating at Wass is exciting and flavourful. Plus, the food is phenomenal. A definite go-to for a fun meal out.

4) Village Green (Canadian) – 925 King St W

Village Green has a super friendly environment and staff. I know more than a few Mac students that swear on this Westdale hotspot, and with good reason! The food is delicious (I’d say it was to die for, but it’s far too healthy for that!). The staff is often willing to adapt the menu to suit your craving. Moreover, that friendly nature exudes from every inch of the décor. With a cheerful and fresh perspective on everything from pasta to bookshelves, Village Green does it right.