Happy Valentine’s Day!

It’s that wonderful time of the year when it is acceptable to eat as much chocolate as you possibly can while watching cheesy movies. But we at Pop the Bubble think there’s more to Valentine’s Day than just sweets.  What’s missing is that those sweets should come from Hamilton.

Clearly, I like food. Nay, I love it. And I think Hamilton has some of the best around.  So what better occasion than today for me to declare my love for it. Roses are red, violets are blue… whatever.  Now on to the chocolate:

1) The Royal Botanical Gardens has an exhibition running all the way to April 15th about chocolate. Where it comes from, how it is made, and what it means to us today. I’m sure there is lots to eat there, too. Check out their website for more info here.

2) Westdale village, while not actually downtown, has a great accumulation of sweet shops in one place. You have Walker’s Chocolate Shop right beside the Cupcakes of Westdale, with Weil’s of Westdale Bakery just down the street! If you’re close to campus and are craving something sweet, why not take a stroll through this business community and check out all three locations.

3) Cake and Loaf bakery loves music almost as much as I love baked goods. In particular, they love Hamilton’s music. So if you’re a musician, think about heading over to Cake and Loaf and dropping off a CD or sending them a download link by Feb 25th. If you or a bandmember is from Hamilton, or you are in Hamilton now, and your songs are suitable, they’ll feature you in store! Why not start a happy relationship today? Or, you could be like me and go for the baking… It’s really healthy, but I promise you can’t tell. 😉

4)  The Dundas Valley Conservation Authority is hosting the first annual Hot Chocolate Festival this February 20th. The Festival will feature music, live entertainment, a walking tour of the Dundas Valley Trail System, and, of course, some of the tastiest, most mouth-watering hot chocolate around. So heat things up and check out this great event here.

5) I also love medicine and health sciences, so why not merge my interests? Hamilton’s own newspaper, The Spectator, has an article on what chocolate is best (for you) this Valentine’s day.  Chocolate is healthy. It’s science. Now enjoy!